TUI Futureshapers Programme

Creating entrepreneurial opportunities

TUI Futureshapers

The TUI Futureshapers programme offers the tools, resources, expertise and workspace for Futureshapers to co-work and build the solutions that destination communities need. It’s all about empowering passionate people in tourism destinations who are committed to turning social and environmental challenges into entrepreneurial opportunities.


TUI Futureshapers Cabo Verde

If you are running your own impact-driven organisation, the TUI Futureshapers Programme can help you build capacity through training and workshops so that you have the tools to maximise your impact. Our first intake will start in January 2024.


What is it?

If you are a young person and dream of starting your own entrepreneurial venture while solving a social or environmental problem, the Futureshaper Programme can help you gain the skills and knowledge to grow and thrive with your ideas.

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